Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Few Things about the BBQ Shop

• I haven't been there in many, many years, but all my friends love it.
• The menu states that pulled pork (as opposed to chopped up fine) costs an extra 25 cents.
• They give you a choice of bread.
• Barbecue beef? This is Memphis.
• The BBQ itself? Slightly sweet but otherwise bland.
• The slaw is okay.
• At $3.75, it is more expensive than Tops.
• At least mine

looked better than this.


hamlett said...

EA, toby's blog won't let you post without setting up a silly google account, i don't need any more junk mail so i'm posting my comment for his bbq shop post here. sorry for the cross post.

oh toby,
i don't normally contribute to comments pages but this one warrants a comment. the bbq shop is a place i go often, it's my favorite que for dinner (because cozy is closed for dinner, you said you went to bbq shop for lunch, was cozy closed? is that why you went to bbq shop?). as much as i love it i acknowledge certain weaknesses in the bbq shop. a big one is that you never order to go, they are horrible with to go orders, most times i come in and they have no knowledge of the order i placed twenty minutes ago. that and the texas toast doesn't travel well, and neither do the cajun spice fries. 5 minutes wrapped in wax paper somehow messes up the whole thing. i go for the following order: one large bbq sandwich, no slaw (i don't do slaw), hot sauce on the sandwich and on the side, texas toast, fries and beans with sweet tea on the side. this usually works for me. i have to admit that i'm a sucker for atmosphere and that the hot sauce will cancel out the taste of the meat, the meat is a vehicle for the sauce. and the bbq shop does have some bad wait-staff, nothing as horrible as interstate mind you, who will always not only mess up your order but take 45 minutes to an hour to make it right. i'm sorry to hear that it was a bad experience for you. you're a good man for listening to your friend and trying it again, i've only been to central q once and i won't ever go back even if tops, bbq shop, and cozy are closed.

dwayne said...

The BBQ Shop freaks me out because they have plastic bags over their pitchers of tea. I have recently gotten over my germ phobia, but seeing that plastic bag of the pitcher of tea doesnt help my recovery. I just can't dig on the texas toast. I bring my own bread in there when I visit.

Melvis said...

Central Barbeque has a portobello mushroom sandwich with smoked gouda....mmmm,
very good-a.

I don't even need the bun becuase it is so good!

with Coors Light, ice cold, please, in a can if you have it.

(but their chippos are really greasy, too many will make my tum-tum ache)

The Saucier said...

That's all just very sad.

hamlett said...