Thursday, July 19, 2007

What I Wanted to Say

What I wanted to say to the nice looking, clean-cut young man who stopped me outside of my office and told me he had arrived in Memphis from New Orleans the day before, and asked me for money for bus fare to Omaha:

1. Why are you going to Omaha?
2. How do you not have enough money to get there?
3. Were you not already planning to go there?
4. Did something happen in the day you've been in Memphis that caused you to lose all your money?
5. Did you plan to go from New Orleans to Omaha?
6. If so, why did you not have enough money set aside to get all the way there?
7. If you make up the few dollars you are short, how will you pay for other stuff like food from here to Omaha?
8. What happens when you get there?
9. Is there a pile of money waiting for you in Omaha?
10. Can we please sit down, look at a calendar, and plan out a budget for the next couple of weeks of your life?


cgeorge1 said...

I am lauging so hard right now, it should be illegal.

Anonymous said...

Dean Moriarty should not be a role model.

Stacey Greenberg said...

send this one to mcsweeney's!