Sunday, September 2, 2007

Too Much of a Coincidence?

Did I accidentally make somebody mad?

1. It's called "Piss Alley"
2. It's a list
3. It mentions art

I think RJA and I take exception to the declaration that "the alleys (sic) of Memphis are pretty gross." We do the best we can.


fearlessvk said...

I hope this post is in good humor?? I didn't stop to think that anyone's last name might be alley before I wrote that post - which was also intended purely in good humor and certainly not with anyone specific in mind!

incidentally i could have SWORN there was a patti smith song called "piss alley" - hence the title of the post - but i don't think there actaully is one. oops. my mistake.

Elizabeth Alley said...

just being funny. it is one of the perks of having this last name :)

katherine said...

what are the other perks?

Elizabeth Alley said...

being related to me?

katherine said...

are you sure this is you and not RJA?