Saturday, July 26, 2008

What We Did - Part 11

1. The Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD!!!

2. The interior is mostly pictures of the corn palace, and corn murals.

3. And more corn murals.

4. And corn murals over a stage. Overall it's pretty awesome.

5. Then we got the heck out of Mitchell, SD, and went to Souix Falls and saw Souix Falls. It's very pretty.

6. From there we drove to Omaha, NE, where we had lunch and went to one of the best used bookstores ever, but unfortunately did not have time to go to the Bemis Center.
7. We drove through Iowa and Missouri and those other rectangular-shaped states, which at the time were just starting to show evidence of flooding.
8. Spent the night in Kansas City, KS. This is us in Kansas.

9. On the last day of our trip we drove through places we've already driven through: Missouri and Arkansas. We listened to Steve Martin's book read by Steve Martin (thanks, HD!) and finally made it home.

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