Friday, January 16, 2009

Terrible Movies I Saw in 2008

  1. The Lake House
  2. The Last Mimsy
  3. The Fountain
  4. Modigliani
  5. Speed Racer
  6. Hancock
  7. Mamma Mia
  8. The Dark Night


Heather said...

WHAT??? Mama Mia was not horrible!!!

Elizabeth Alley said...

No, it was terrible.

Chip said...

Now see, you're just saying the Dark Knight was terrible just to be difficult and different.

Mrs. Katherine said...

But you liked "Hellboy"?!?!

Elizabeth Alley said...

I guess that I should explain the Dark Knight. See, I went to the movies to see a superhero action movie, and what I got was a very well-acted, well-told story of sick, twisted, violent, crazy people. The silly outfits were misleading.
Hellboy, on the other hand, had action, silly outfits, and awesome looking monsters.