Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend of an Overachiever

Or, How an Artist with a Full-Time Job Spends her Weekend:
  1. finished a painting
  2. finished a crochet project
  3. cooked 2 chickens
  4. finished reading My Life in France by Julia Child
  5. designed a new afghan
  6. finished another painting


marycash said...

You're so productive. My list goes like so:

1. Sat on couch.
2. Napped on couch.
3. Went to pool.
4. Napped at pool.
5. Saw Harry Potter.

Elizabeth Alley said...

Next weekend will hopefully look more like that, minus Harry Potter.

dwayne said...

you cooked the chickens before you finished the cookbook?

Kelly said...

Wow! Amazing. I am hoping I will be more productive once I go back to work.