Sunday, March 7, 2010

Routes to Work

These are the routes I took during the first week of my new job. I'm traveling east from Midtown to the Ridgeway Loop.
  • Monday: Park Avenue, 20 minutes. This route is actually Southern to Semmes to Park to Estate to Poplar. If I had to I could vary the ways over to and back from Park, in case there is a train.
  • Tuesday: Quince, 23 minutes. This is Semmes to Quince and back to Estate. The idea was that Quince would be less busy than Park, but the extra time getting to it and back adds minutes.
  • Wednesday: Walnut Grove Road, 21 minutes. I needed gas, so I hopped over to Cooper to Ike's, then took Union/Walnut Grove all the way out to Briarview to Shady Grove. I did not like it, mostly because it's such a mess around the interstate/CBHS/Baptist Hospital. It was at that interchange that I saw a woman reading the paper while driving (not cool). I might try this again if I got onto Shady Grove earlier - like at White Station.
  • Thursday: Sam Cooper, 22 minutes. Central to East Parkway to Sam Cooper to 240 to Poplar. This had the same problem as Walnut Grove - everything was fine until I hit 240, then it was nearly a stand-still. It didn't take too long to get to Poplar, but it felt like I'd never get out of there, which isn't a good feeling.
  • Friday: Shady Grove, 25 minutes. This crazy route, suggested by my brother, is Central to Goodlett to a street I can't remember the name of that turns into Shady Grove, to Shady Grove. I did not like it. It was definitely the prettiest drive - through nice neighborhoods - but most of Shady Grove between Goodlett and Mendenhall has speed bumps, so it felt like it took forever.


Stephanie said...

My commute is pretty much the exact opposite every day, but since I leave home at 7, 240 to Sam Cooper is quick as a flash. At night, I go home Central to Goodlett to Park to Cherry to Quince. But Quince is too far south for where you're going.

PS- Are you tempted to go to Target EVERY DAY at lunch? I would be if I were you.

Heather said...

And the winner is......

Secret Agent Mom said...

Don't take Walnut Grove that far, silly. Cut over on Yates and then take the back way.

And I still maintain that speed bumps are faster than waiting for lights.