Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An Epic List in Honor of New York City

And in Anticipation of our Upcoming 10th Trip to NYC

Years We’ve Been:
1. 1998
2. 2000 (that was just me, T went by himself in 2002)
3. 2001
4. 2004
5. 2005
6. 2006
7. 2006 (yes, twice)
8. 2007
9. 2009

What We Did:
1. Stayed at the Algonquin
2. Rode the Staten Island Ferry
3. Visited MOMA, pre-renovation
4. Visited MOMA, post-renovation
5. Visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art
6. Went to the top of the Empire State Building
7. Saw JFK, Jr. (1998)
8. Visited the Whitney
9. Ran into somebody I knew
10. Bought cheap clothes on Broadway
11. Walked through Central Park in the snow
12. Ice-skated in Rockefeller Center
13. Squeezed my way through Times Square
14. Visited the Brooklyn Museum of Art
15. Visited the Frick Museum
16. Visited the Morgan Library
17. Saw Coney Island
18. Went to the old Yankees Stadium
19. Went to the old Shea Stadium
20. Visited the Studio Museum in Harlem
21. Visited the Neue Museum
22. Visited the New Museum
23. Bought cheap jewelry on St. Marks Place
24. Went to the Brooklyn Flea
25. Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge
26. Went to the Cloisters/Ft. Tryon Park
27. Tried takoyaki for the first time
28. Visited the Cooper Hewitt Museum
29. Visited the Guggenheim Museum
30. Visited the Museum of Jewish Heritage
31. Visited the Museum of the American Indian
32. Saw an International Gay Pride parade
33. Went to an International Food Festival
34. Went to conferences (I’ve only been to 1, Toby has been to 8)
35. Had dim sum in Chinatown
36. Had Italian in Little Italy
37. Had Indian in one of those tiny mirrored restaurants on, what is it, Avenue A? Or 1st Ave?
38. Visited the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine
39. Visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral
40. Visited Ground Zero
41. Ate at the Stage Deli
42. Ate at the Carnegie Deli (maybe?)
43. Ate at Aquavit
44. Ate at Nathan’s Famous @ Coney Island
45. Toured the Art Students League with a staff member
46. Took a tour of public art in the subway
47. Saw Neil Diamond singing outside on the Today Show
48. Toured Bushwick, in Brooklyn, with an artist who has a studio there
49. Visited Chelsea and tried to visit every gallery
50. Decided to get married
51. Visited the International Center of Photography
52. Visited the American Folk Art Museum
53. Visited the Jewish Museum
54. Watched people learning to salsa outside at Lincoln Center
55. Went to the South Street Seaport
56. Went to Grand Central Station and said, “It’s like Grand Central Station in here!”
57. Relaxed at Bryant Park
58. Visited the New York Public Library
59. Visited 2 people’s homes and 1 person’s studio
60. Ate at the Applejack Diner!

Still Haven’t:
1. Visited the Statue of Liberty
2. Eaten at Papaya King (or Gray’s Papaya) (probably both)
3. Gone to the new Shea Stadium (do they still call it that?)
4. Gone to the new Yankee Stadium and boo the Yankees (in my mind)
5. Visited the Drawing Center (may have already done this, but don’t remember so I'll do it again)
6. Gone to the Russian Tea Room, Tavern on the Green, Serendipity (should I bother with these?)
7. Seen the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
8. Taken one of those double-decker tour buses
9. Run into Tim Gunn on the street

Will Probably Never:
1. Go to the Theater (we’re not theater people)
2. Visit the Statue of Liberty (I’m not interested in spending my whole trip to NY in a line)
3. Ride a carriage through Central Park

Now y’all make a list of what we should do for visit #10!


RJA said...

1. Take me out to dinner.

Elizabeth Alley said...

61. Visited P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center
62. Went to a deli and ate an egg salad sandwich at 2 in the morning

Robin said...

I'm proud to say I did a few of those with you!

Melissa Dunn said...

Go to the High Line green space that opened last year in Chelsea. I haven't been yet but it's suppose to be great people watching. (FYI - I looked at the website and it doesn't open for the season until June 9.)

Elizabeth Alley said...

Melissa - that is a fantastic idea! It is going on the list!

Robin - I know! A lot of those were from our trip :)

63. Went long-ago enough that there were still coffee shops in Times Square (Robin - one of those was with you!)