Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Guestlist: Sticky Notes

From Click (Daily)

PARTIAL List of digital sticky notes found on my computer desktop, made by my 9 year old son:

· You-know-who smells funny

· “You shall not hurt Harry Potter!!!!!”

· Dobby, Dobby, Dobby!!!!

· Malfoy stinks

· Crabbe does too

· Plus Goyle

· Go Dumbledores army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

· Harry Potter rocks

· Sectrum Semtra

· Support Harry Potter!!!!!!! (and Cedric Diggory)

· Fluffy rocks!!!!!

· So does Hagrid!!!

· From Max

· To Mom

· Expecto Patronum!!!!!!!!!

· Wormtail = traitor

· (on the bottom of a sticky note that I was going to use to pack his stuff for our vacation) Hi Mom, I used this list for packing to pack. (From Max) p.s. read all the notes

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