Monday, January 9, 2012

My Year in Art, by the Numbers

After a relatively quiet 2010, art-making-wise, and actually a slow start to 2011 (thanks, gallbladder!) I got on a roll and I did not stop. In 2011 I painted/drew/sketched/created/wrote/taught/organized/took/exhibited the following:
  • oil on canvas paintings, exhibited: 8
  • oil on canvas paintings, edited out of my show Go Change: 4
  • new and reworked acrylic/oil on panel: 4
  • tiny outfit paintings: 19
  • stories I wrote: 6
  • stories I illustrated to create a 12-foot-long drawing with narrative: 1
  • tiny paintings I made to go with paintings for Go Change: 6
  • commissioned paintings (tiny): 2
  • tiny paintings, other: 6
  • shows I was in: 6
  • classes and workshops I taught: 3
  • sketch groups I organized: 12
  • sketch groups I led: 10
  • classes I took: 1
  • projects I did that don't fit into these other categories: 3
  • sketches I made: a bazillion


gabi campanario said...

Impressive list Elizabeth! Congrats and cheers to more art and creativity in 2012!

Elizabeth Alley said...

Thanks! Let's see if I can keep it up ;)

Slimbolala said...

Ooh! I'm a list-o-phile myself (though I haven't taken it to your Expert level). Random things that could potentially be of interest to a list-minded person. Check out workflowy:

A lovely little web tool that lets you create lists and lists within lists and lists within those and so on. (If you're so inclined, you can make your whole life into nested lists, practical, frivolous or other, or other.)

And Daytum is another interesting one:

which lets folks tally and display any sort of personal statistics they want (e.g. stories written, slices of pizza eaten, whatever). 'Twas co-created by Nicholas Felton who makes his own weird and lovely Feltron Annual Reports, a sort of corporate annual report, but of the minutiae of his personal life:

I've you haven't already seen them, worth a gander.

Slimbolala said...

Oops, meant to include a link to the annual reports: