Thursday, May 31, 2012

Guestlist: We Love School

My friend Liz had a pictorial realization about loving her kids' school, and is sharing it with us here in her own words:
A couple days ago, I spent the morning with several other parents at my kids’ school, helping the Elementary II and Middle School switch rooms. The kids did a huge amount of work. I kept seeing things that made me feel so grateful to be part of that community. It started with spotting one of my all-time favorite books lying on top of a pile of science texts. Seeing Dr. Williams’s poems on the biology and chemistry books made me happy. While I scuttled to get my phone, somebody moved it to join the language arts books. But still. No one's tying him down.

1. WCW is in the room.

2. There's knitting lying around on the floor. It's no big deal.

3. There's beauty everywhere.
4. Boys mess with pretty stuff, too.

5. Instead of drab texts, they use books
a person actually wants to look at.
6. They walk the walk.
7. Kids understand the logic of their environment so
completely that they were able to set the room up
pretty much independently.

8. Crayon colors are stored with their complements,
so you can really see them.

9. There's no uniform.

10. They provide necessary instruction.

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