Thursday, July 19, 2012

Things You May Notice After Returning from a Sketching Symposium in Santo Domingo

  1. You might think going from 90% humidity in Santo Domingo to 55% humidity in Memphis will feel good. You will be wrong.
  2. You might realize that you are comfortable trying to communicate in Spanish right when it's time to leave. 
  3. The day after you get back you might go to your regular lunch place and sprawl out your sketching materials and draw with your sketchbook on top of the table instead of in your lap.
  4. You will probably also be confused as to why no one else there is sketching.
  5. You might feel strange and sad to not be with anywhere from five to 130 other sketchers at all times.
  6. You might feel strange and good to not be covered in sunscreen and sweat at all times.
  7. You will probably check Facebook, Flickr and blogs all day long for proof that you were there, and that everyone else is as sad as you are that it is over.