Thursday, March 5, 2009

Overheard at Caritas Village

Went to grab some lunch at Caritas Village without a lunch date or anything to read. So what did I do? I eavesdropped.
  1. "no dairy"
  2. "embalming fluid?"
  3. "calls herself the empress"
  4. "he usually tells you everything 13 times"
  5. "I'm a little teapot today!"
  6. "Is that sandwich big enough for you?" (That one was directed at me - I was eating a giant, delicious turkey club. People are friendly there.)
  7. "I dropped an old lady one time"
  8. "you look at Obama he starting to look old already"


marycash said...

This is exactly the reason why I've stopped conversing in Memphis restaurants. That, and the two-degrees of separation between every Memphian.

(And, yes, that lunch at Sole is obv. still haunting me.)

Elizabeth Alley said...

Well, I didn't credit these odd phrases to anyone, at least.

And that lunch at Sole perfectly demonstrates why you MUST do a scan before you mention a name in a Memphis restaurant!