Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Things About Which I Didn't Get to Post Status Updates While My Facebook Was Broken

  1. Driving to Nashville and back in one day to pick up my paintings, and that eating at Noshville made it worth it
  2. Watching soccer on a Sunday morning with friends and mimosas
  3. How pilates kicked my butt
  4. Making plans to visit my Mom
  5. What a great time I had skating
  6. Looking forward to bookclub
  7. How awesome bookclub is
  8. How I should really carry my own hardhat in my car
  9. A fun dinner at a Korean restaurant
  10. Something about our anniversary - probably something like this: "Elizabeth Alley + Toby Long = 18 happy years"
  11. How it was weird that it was cold at the Farmer's Market
  12. How much I love Project Runway
  13. What a delicious dinner we had for our anniversary
  14. The lazy Sunday I spent in my pajamas

1 comment:

marycash said...

These are the things I would have commented on had your Facebook account not been broken:

Noshville! Yum.

So glad Michael Kors is back! But where is Nina Garcia?