Thursday, October 8, 2009

What We Learned at Bookclub Last Night

  1. Though we enjoy participating in spontaneous singing, we only enjoy watching spontaneous dancing.
  2. Earwax is bad.
  3. There is something primal in Beyonce's "Single Ladies" that the babies really respond to.
  4. Having short chapters is an important characteristic of a good book.
  5. The non-remembering spouse has no business acting like he/she remembers things.
  6. Many of us have no time for philosophy, but too many of us know what a "Lady Gaga" is.
  7. If you look for it, sometimes life can be Beautiful with a capital B.


Heather said...

Hmmm I don't know about #1. I swear before I die I am going to do the Thriller dance at a party!

Toby said...

I remember plenty.

Elizabeth Alley said...

Heather - I said that because we actually spontaneously sang last night (Rich Girl), but we only watched videos of spontaneous dancing.

8. You can buy awesome Japanese curry mix in a box.
9. I may need bifocals.

Mrs. Katherine said...

#3 and #5.

It's like you're at my house!