Wednesday, December 9, 2009

States I Don't Like to Drive Through

  1. New Jersey
  2. the rest of Alabama
  3. Florida
  4. Louisiana
  5. Mississippi
  6. eastern part of South Carolina
  7. Wyoming
  8. Most of Kansas
  9. Missouri


Gary Bridgman said...

Has Hwy 78 in Alabama gotten any better? I wrote this in 2000 for Lonely Planet and I haven't driven it since then:

The Highway 78 Blues

When planning an itinerary that includes the Shoals, Memphis, northern Mississippi, Birmingham or the Sipsey Wilderness, one might be tempted to use Hwy 78. On a map, it appears to be a major US highway and the shortest distance between a number of points. The maps don’t show how the highway, between Hamilton and Jasper, is a patchwork of two-lane and unfinished four-lane stretches that funnels Memphis/Birmingham/Atlanta truck traffic through dangerously congested areas. Between Jasper and Birmingham, Hwy 78 is a hideous gauntlet of strip malls, inconsistent speed limits and poorly-timed traffic lights that spoil what would be a convenient and scenic country drive. Alternate east-west routes are Hwy 72 and Hwy 278, both of which connect with I-65.--

Elizabeth Alley said...

It has gotten SO much better. From Birmingham, the time that you are on a highway with traffic lights is much shorter. I've been doing that drive once every year or two since 1994, and this year it was the quickest ever. Though I must admit that I miss driving past the Boobie Trap.