Monday, December 7, 2009

Weird Things in my Dream Last Night

  1. gorillas
  2. elephant sculptures - hundreds of them
  3. Dr. Seuss-like trees with giant curled-up orange, yellow and brown leaves on them
  4. my mother-in-law hanging up on me


Mel Spillman artwork said...

strange indeed, what were the gorillas doing? just hanging out?

I had a weird one last night too, I dreamed I was going to the dentist (against my will) to have all of my molars pulled out. The worst part is that the dentist told me that he was going to put them back in after rotating each one 180 degrees. All along I knew it sounded fishy and resisted it until I woke up...I was so relieved!

RJA said...

Weird thing in my dream last night:

1. A hamburger

Harley Fontaine said...

Were you naked?