Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Driving in the Snow

1. The first time I drove in the snow... you won't believe me, but it was in Panama City, Florida. I was 17 and had only been driving a short time, when I drove across the bridge (we lived on the beach side; PC and PC Beach are connected by a bridge) to visit Robin on a day when snow was predicted. My mother said to drive straight home if it started to snow. I was convinced it wouldn't because, come on...that's ridiculous. Then it did and I tried to drive but freaked out and called Mom from a pay phone. She likes to say that I said, "You were right! You're always right!" I spent the night at Robin's. Mom loves that story.

2. ICE STORM! '94! The storm came and our power went out and we heard branches breaking off trees. Then I got ready and went to work, because how the heck was I supposed to know every street in the city was covered in ice?! I drove down our street, around a corner, slid on the ice and my poor little orange 1972 Volkswagon Superbeetle hit the bumper of a parked van. I went and found the owner, and I can't remember exactly what transpired, but I do remember him saying, "I can prove you did this! I have witnesses!" And I was all,"Dude, I'm standing between my dented car and your dented van. Of course I did it! I told you I did it!" But, honestly this was before I would've said "dude" and I was pretty timid, so I probably just apologized. Then I still tried to drive to work! But I eventually gave up and made it home without further incident. Then I sat in a cold, dark apartment all day. The End.

3. Today I drove farther in the snow than I've probably driven since ICE STORM! '94! This is due partly to the fact that this is the farthest from home I've worked in years, and partly because I now work at a place where I have to wait to be told to go home. Honestly, it's kind of nice to have one less decision to make. The drive home was fine, if slow, until I got to Midtown and people were driving with dangerously inflated senses-of-self-importance. But I made it home safely and my house is warm and bright! It's just too bad Robin's not here.

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