Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Early on Studio Night: Some Things on my Drawing Table

  1. 3 sketchbooks
  2. digital camera with a tiny tripod attached
  3. 3 packages of wacky erasers shaped like food
  4. 1 barbie in a bikini wearing sunglasses
  5. an orange pen
  6. a picture of an old man I don't know
  7. tiny paintings
  8. 4 photographs from my trip to Spain
  9. 60 photographs of old neon signs from Las Vegas
  10. a cigar box full of Werther's Originals
  11. a ruler
  12. an Atlas from 2003 of the US, Canada and Mexico
  13. scribbled-on and taped-up 3x5 index cards
  14. just found another sketchbook
  15. a mirror
  16. an empty bag of Baked Lays
  17. disc 1 of Mad Men season 2 to be returned to Netflix

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