Friday, June 10, 2011


While perusing my favorite blogs yesterday I came across three with a similar theme: Camper-like structures!

1. First was this cute little office pod on Poppytalk. I think every writer I know needs one of these.

2. Next was a video on Unclutterer about a family of 3 who live in a 320 square-foot house! It's like a camper, only it doesn't go anywhere. (I don't know how to post a video so this is a screen shot. Also, I watched the video without sound, so if the lady cusses through the whole thing don't say I didn't warn you.)

3. And last were actual campers, also from Poppytalk. I didn't realize at first that this and the office pod were from Poppytalk. She must be on a camper kick. She's got some great examples of old and new campers on that post - take a look!

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