Friday, August 12, 2011

Non-Verbal Communication with Words

Using instant messaging and texting has made me aware of how much non-verbal communication I use when I speak. I've noticed that I can't always convey what I would be able to if we were speaking in person when written in mere sentences (I'm old enough that I chat and text with sentences).
Here are a few gestures I've translated into words. I'll let you know if I ever figure out how to write out all of the shapes I make with my hands, sweeping hand gestures, or hand movements that don't even mean anything that I use when talking.
  1. * shrug * (note that the * is used to indicate a gesture)
  2. * shakes head *
  3. * shakes head at self * (for when I'm conveying something I've done that is particularly dumb)
  4. * snort * (more of a sound than a gesture, but I'm sure I make a face when I do that)
  5. * thumbs up *
  6. * rolls eyes * (might be my most-used non-verbal phrase)
  7. * rolls eyes at self * (see #3)
Note that I do not use * smile * or * wink * because we already have those covered with emoticons, which I hope you make use of, because when I see someone write out (smile), it makes me not smile.

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