Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New York City Restroom Rankings

  1. Pershing Square: Hands down cutest restroom in the city. Not only cute, but clean, roomy and well-stocked.
  2. MOMA: Dyson hand dryer
  3. American Museum of Natural History: Old-school tile. Actually, it looked like a bathroom in an old school.
  4. Empire State Building: Kind of small but clean
  5. Birdland: Clean but this is where the bathrooms start to seem like afterthoughts. Like maybe there used to be one big stall, then they split it into two.
  6. Lou's: This was a cafe somewhere near MOMA. Nice and roomy, but a little cobbled-together looking.
  7. The Applejack Diner: While this is pretty much my favorite place to eat in NY, the bathrooms are tiny and you have to go through a panic-inducingly small vestibule to get to them.
  8. Famous Original Ray's Pizza: Plenty big, but painted dark brown with a dark red door.
  9. World Financial Center: You'd think the restroom in a shiny financial building would be closer to the top of the list, but there were 4 things wrong with it, which means I'll probably make a list about it later.
  10. South Ferry: Oh. My. Got. This restroom, and the whole restroom experience, were pretty traumatizing. I felt like Penelope Ann Miller in Adventures in Babysitting.

    American Museum of Natural History


Rich said...

Well done Ms. Constanza.

Rich said...

That would have been better spelled correctly.