Thursday, October 27, 2011

S*** Michael Kors Says

A collection of crazy phrases Michael Kors has used to describe the designers' looks while judging this season's Project Runway*
  • Flintstone disco pouch
  • ugly napkin clothes
  • sea vixen Barbie
  • Joan Crawford St. Patty's Day party (personal favorite)
  • Victorian cocktail waitress in Las Vegas
  • a hooker convention coming home
  • superhero ice skater
  • suede lobster bib
  • Brady Bunch dashiki
*Disclaimer: I purposefully did not watch the stilt-walker team challenge because, well, it was a stilt-walker team challenge. And I may have missed a couple at the end of the season, but really he got kind of lazy in his descriptions and just randomly threw out the word "disco."

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