Friday, October 5, 2007

You Should Do This Tonight

  1. See the show by Beth Edwards & Larry Edwards at Gallery 130, Meek Hall, University of Memphis - reception oh crap was last night so nevermind on that one. But the slide lecture is Thursday, November 1 from 2-4pm at 138 Meek Hall Auditorium, so you still have plenty of time to do that, you just can't do it tonight. (Editor's note: I really need to stop skimming. This show is at the University of Mississippi.)
  2. See work by Michael Constantini & Brandon C. Smith at Perry Nicole Fine Art, 3086 Poplar, from 6-8pm. Lots of stripes and cows - should be good!
  3. See Every One, Every Day by Hamlett Dobbins at David Lusk Gallery. This you must do.
  4. Visit the Downtown Storefront Art - opening reception 6-8pm tonight at the intersection of Union and Main St. - see the first three installations by Melanie Spillman, Dwayne Butcher & Darla Linerode-Henson. There will be a dj and the Peanut Shoppe will be selling snacks. That's right - the Peanut Shoppe! There's no reason for you not to be there.
  5. Go home, put on your fat pants and watch Dr. Who on the SciFi channel, followed by Best Week Ever.

1 comment:

Melvis said...

yeah! also remember when you are wearing the F.P's to eat some type of junk food, with way too many carbs! mmmm, carbs!