Sunday, February 10, 2008

Last Week

1. Saw a dog wearing sunglasses, standing by himself at the corner of Madison and 2nd.
2. Had 5 sightings of a woman walking west on Madison, each time carrying a different lightweight piece of furniture (rattan and plastic) and a rolling suitcase.
3. Trapped at work by a storm for about an hour.
4. Read by flashlight.
5. I fell - slipped on the rain-drenched deck while taking out the trash.
6. Saw someone wearing the same jacket as me.
7. Bookclub! Discussed Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
8. Saw a rocket car on Top Gear.

9. Visited these sites for work. Noted that there are some hallways in City Hall that make me feel very claustrophobic.
10. Watched the season premier of Lost and guess what? I'm more confused than ever.
11. Got a new calendar!
12. Painted, got frustrated and destroyed the painting, got some help via a book on Lucian Freud, then did better on the next try.


katherine said...

that is beautiful!

Elizabeth Alley said...

that list is beautiful! the painting, while beautiful, is not by me, it is by mr. freud, but was very helpful to me completing my painting.

Shannon said...

let's see the second try.

Elizabeth Alley said...

oh i'm on about the 6th try by now