Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Few Things About Steve

  1. Steve is my stepdad and has been a part of my life for 24 years!
  2. Yesterday was his birthday and between working until 6:30 and bookclub until midnight, I did not call him. Sorry, Steve! Happy Birthday!
  3. He has the best handshake ever. People fear it.
  4. He likes my husband, which is a wonderful thing.
  5. He loves UT and all things orange, so much so that when I see UT orange I immediately think of him, as though it is his color as well as UT's.
  6. He makes really good steak.
  7. He's a good dad & a good husband.
  8. He taught me the importance of including the date and time when taking a message, and how to drive on the interstate.


Shannon said...

happy birthday, steve!

katherine said...

Look at that sweet baby that Papa Steve is holding!