Saturday, March 15, 2008

Things That Were Talked About at Last Night's Art Openings

  1. Blue Parkway
  2. cookies
  3. business time
  4. Blue Parkway
  5. litter
  6. man purses
  7. instant hand sanitizer
  8. Blue Parkway
  9. Blue Parkway
  10. Brian Bishop
  11. billboard art
  12. formula 1 racing
  13. Lily Allen
  14. What Not to Wear
  15. Blue Parkway
  16. Blue Parkway
  17. Blue Parkway
  18. Blue Parkway
  19. performance art
  20. billboard art
  21. performance art
  22. The Smallest Man in the World
  23. baby showers
  24. appropriate times to by snobby
  25. Blue Parkway
  26. Blue Parkway
  27. Blue Parkway
  28. Denver
  29. TLC songs, No Scrubs and Waterfalls
  30. performance art
  31. Blue Parkway
  32. competing with your husband
  33. Blue Parkway
  34. Swoon
  35. Blue Parkway
  36. grad school
  37. Blue Parkway


RJA said...

The hell is Blue Parkway?

Elizabeth Alley said...

That's just it - I don't even know!

Hamlett Dobbins said...

oh EA, i followed the link to the CA response board with the comments about article on the blue parkway piece. if you have to deal with just a tiny percent of that conversation, i feel for you. deeply.

dwayne said...

if it is just one word from one sentence, i feel for you.