Sunday, March 9, 2008

Last Week

1. Lots of art everywhere.
2. Drove to Nashville and met some of our legislators.
3. Bookclub!
4. My UPS driver told me my hair looks "corporate and jazzy"!
5. Went to a fabulous play starring my nephew.
6. Heard this quote from JP: "She's crawling for justice!"
7. It finally snowed!

8. Went to 2 art openings, for Roy Tamboli and for Bobby Spillman.

9. Finished another painting - here is a dark, blurry detail.

10. Cooked 2 nice, easy meals.


katherine said...

I've always thought of you as corporate and jazzy--even when we were kids.

Melvis said...

That Bobby Spillman's artwork
is pretty freaking awesome!

And yes, you are corporate and jazzy,
perhaps a little spicy too (for someone
who drinks tepid water).