Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just Some Stuff

1. This is so ugly it hurts my eyes.

2. The price of stamps is going up again. Argh.

3. On a happier note, I was interviewed yesterday for a story about my upcoming show! (Which, by the way, is next Friday May 2 at Material.)

4. Today, for the first time ever I went back to my hairdresser to get something fixed. It was a bit uneven, and I am the queen of symmetry.

5. Public art & sky

6. Cute kid


cgeorge1 said...

That sign is horrific! I saw it today for the first time. Ugh.

katherine said...

i know that fire station!

Stephanie said...

My kids think that sign is awesome. (We're on day 49 with no fire fatalities!) They also love the super-large picture of Andy Wise on the side of the WMC building. Seems my kids need some guidance in the area of appreciating public art.

Chris said...

i hate that sign.