Friday, April 18, 2008

Words I've Recently Heard Used as Verbs

  1. Netflix
  2. scale
  3. camera
  4. YouTube


katherine said...

Have you not googled lately?

Melvis said...


Not the noun variety as in a checking account, but the verb "checking".

For example...(directly from school student's mouth this week)
"LeShun was checking LaBianca cuz' she fat".

Kristy said...

Checking is so old school.

Scale is a verb, though. As in "We need to scale back our efforts to stop students from checking, since they're going to do it anyway."

Did someone use "scale" in place of "weigh"? Because if so, that's just wrong.

Elizabeth Alley said...

But google is a verb, right? Google is all things.
Checking, also a verb already - a very useful one.
And yes, scale was being used in place of weigh.