Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What I Did While Babysitting the Quartet Last Night

  1. Watched lots of coin tosses to see whose game would be played.
  2. Helped GK walk on the wood lining their landscaping, as she said "Hep me, Tooby."
  3. Tried unsuccessfully to convince GK to go inside, then watched C do it with no problem.
  4. Watched the movie "Underdog" with running commentary by GK: "Woof woof. Where woof woof? Woof woof!"
  5. Played 2 minutes of a board game with C, JP & S.
  6. Played about 10 minutes of another board game, but we never finished.
  7. Texted with Katherine.
  8. Got GK to say "Katherine" - it was more like "Kahwhen" but close enough.
  9. Watched C comfort GK when she got a little upset.
  10. Watched #9 a second time, during which he discerned that she wanted some Spaghettio's.
  11. Got JP to go to sleep! (I know, not that that's difficult.)
  12. Got S to lay down! (That is difficult!)
  13. Watched C entertain GK, and wondered why I was even there, because he was doing a much better job.
  14. Got S to go to sleep!
  15. Watched C get GK to go to sleep, then watched TV with C until right before his parents came home - it's like he could sense it.


Katherine said...

I want to cry thinking about C and GK.

Shannon said...

i can hear that tooooby.

Chip said...

Wonder if C can come babysit our kids sometime...

Elizabeth Alley said...

If I had my own kids, I'd probably just hand them over to C.