Friday, October 10, 2008


T and I sometimes go out of town for our anniversary, or to get married. We've got no trip planned this year, so here's a list of all of the places we've been in our 17 years together (I was going to try to make a list of every specific trip, but 17 years is a long time, so it's just a list of places):
  1. New Orleans - T surprised me with this trip for my 20th birthday. It was our first trip together. We went again for our somethingth anniversary.
  2. San Francisco - The first time we went we got married! The second time was so that T could run a marathon! We are not normal.
  3. Greensboro, GA - We've been here about a bazillion times to visit my grandparents for Thanksgiving.
  4. Statesboro, GA - Two trips here to visit the whole family at my Uncle Aldo's.
  5. Washington, DC - Twice here, too. The first time was with a group from the U of M, including the late Steve Langdon - it was very interesting to travel with him. It was also the first time we ate Ethopian food. Good times. The second time we had a great visit with cousins Pat & Bob.
  6. New York, NY - We have been here...wait don't tell me...I think 7 times together and once each without the other (my lone trip was better because it was with Robin!).
  7. Boston - T had a conference and I did stuff by myself all day - it was the first time we did that and it was very liberating (for me).
  8. Chicago - We've been here 3 times together to visit our various aunts and our White Sox.
  9. Chattanooga, TN - Twice here, too - once for a family reunion!
  10. Florence, Italy - Only once, so far.
  11. Paris, France - Also only once, to date.
  12. Las Vegas - Twice - Both times for conferences, once with a broken arm.
  13. Ft. Lauderdale/Naples - Twice here, too, together. I've been maybe 100 times because half my family lives there.
  14. Pensacola/North Florida - We've been here a surprising number of times if you know T.
  15. Calgary, Alberta - My only time in Canada, T's second.
  16. Philadelphia - For Thanksgiving last year. It was cold.
  17. Portland, ME - Road trip via...
  18. Baltimore, MD and...
  19. Pittsburgh, PA
  20. Wild west road trip, including: Oklahoma City,
  21. Santa Fe, NM,
  22. Denver, CO,
  23. Custer, SD,
  24. Sioux Falls, SD,
  25. Kansas City, KS
  26. Phoenix, AZ - But actually it was outside of Phoenix, in a little place I like to call PeePosh.
  27. Peachtree City, GA - More aunts!
  28. Eureka Springs, AR - For a wedding.
  29. Portland, OR - For spring break - again, not so much with the normal.
  30. Seattle, WA - For a conference and some rain.
  31. St. Louis, MO - We've been here a lot since it's 5 hours away, Katherine lived there for a minute, and their art museum is free.
If I've counted correctly, it's a total of 58 different visits. T - have I forgotten anything?


Mrs. Katherine said...

#31. No mention of the free zoo? Home to the hairless monkey. Happy Anniversary!!

RJA said...

Happy anniversary!

Heather said...

Happy Anniversary!!!