Monday, October 13, 2008

Jobs I've Had

  1. Babysitting - I just realized I've been working since I was 14 if you count babysitting, which I definitely do
  2. Pizza place - When I was 15 I got a job at a pizza place on Kirby Parkway. I have no actual memories of this place.
  3. More babysitting - When we moved to Panama City Beach, I babysat a lot. A LOT.
  4. The Cleanery - That was really the name of it. It was both a dry-cleaners and a laundromat.
  5. The Delery - That wasn't really the name of it - it was a deli - but that's what Robin called it. I worked there until I moved back to Memphis.
  6. Work study - At MCA. I recall dusting and organizing the student supply store while everyone else sat around.
  7. Domino's - Answered the phones.
  8. Shoney's - But just for one night. One awful night.
  9. Kinko's - Waited on Memphis's dumbest people.
  10. Liquid chemical company on President's Island - I used to have nightmares about exploding liquid chemical companies.
  11. Bookstar - I believe I've mentioned this one before, where I got paid to alphabetize and to recommend books to people.
  12. Sofamor Danek - I think I worked there for 2 weeks. Not my best job.
  13. Kate's Antiques - Drew a lot of still-lifes here.
  14. Candle company - I was a candle maker.
  15. Internship at Ledbetter Lusk Gallery - Which got me an...
  16. Internship at UAC - Which got me...
  17. 10 years at UAC as Assistant Project Manager, Project Manager, Director of Public Art
  18. Professional Artist, also for 10 years


Mrs. Katherine said...

And then you bequeathed to me all of your babysitting clients when you got your real job--at the Cleanery.

Smackie Chan said...

i have a friend who also worked one horrible night at Shoney's.

Mel Spillman artwork said...

I worked one night at Shoney's too!!! I am so serious. How did we not know this about one another?

My night of greasy redneck hell was in Knoxville, perhaps 1995-ish. I think my hair was dyed pink at the time. How hot is that!

Elizabeth Alley said...

We should start a club! Or a group on Facebook.