Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How to Become a Millionaire

These were the only ways T and I could think of to become independently wealthy:
  1. Have been born into a rich family.
  2. Invent something like post-its.
  3. Have majored in a profession that makes a lot of money.
  4. Win the lottery.
  5. Quickly become a famous movie star or a professional baseball player or a Formula 1 driver.
  6. Have invested a lot of money in the stock market...well, no.
  7. Real estate? No...
  8. Get injured and win a settlement.


Mrs. Katherine said...

9. Eat more bugs than anyone else on a reality tv show.

Shannon said...

Olympic gold medal winner. I thought T was considering archery?

Stephanie said...

I've got #8 on retainer.

Mel Spillman artwork said...

Rob banks, sell crack, sell your soul to the devil.

hamlett said...

what about marrying well?

two more words "radiology."

Elizabeth Alley said...

I guess since we were discussing this on our anniversary, the idea of marrying someone else didn't really come up. We're very romantic like that.

Robin said...

W..w..w...wait a second.....you didn't invent Post-Its?