Thursday, November 20, 2008

Guestlist: Weepy

Things that made me cry today, by Stephanie Chockley

1. Stacey's CA article
2. Neither parent could attend the Thanksgiving party at Connor's school
3. Shannon changed his Gmail Chat status message to "Unemployed"
4. Someone spoke sharply to me on the phone
5. Connor wistfully recalled, while wearing his self-made Chief Screaming Eagle costume, that some kids had their parents and grandparents at the party and they got to sit at a special table
6. Whole Foods was out of the black bean hummus I went there specifically to buy
7. The kids saw a Tigers sign and started cheering, causing me to remember how we lost the NCAA championship
8. Hormones


Stacey Greenberg said...

stop guest blogging and blog or i will cry!

RJA said...

I think this is really Chip guest-guest blogging as Stephanie on Listwork. That's what I think.

Chip said...


Secret Agent Mom said...

Connor's Indian name is awesome. Miss M said Mrs. H picked them; I wonder how she came up with that? M was "Little Bear." I guess "Howling Badger" was taken.