Sunday, November 16, 2008

What We Saw - Greenwood, MS

1. a dog named BAGS (Bad-Ass German Shepard)
2. cute little shacks
3. M&M's and wine
4. a mouse, another mouse, possibly a third (it was a cold night in the fields)
5. the lights on while we slept
6. amazing clouds over the flat land of the Mississippi Delta

7. Greenwood, MS
8. Blue Parrot Cafe
9. Greenwood Blues Heritage Museum and Gallery, with a guided tour by George

10. the ace of spades, just like in my dream the night before

11. Turnrow Bookstore with lattes and sketching
12. the Tallahatchie River

13. one of Robert Johnson's possible grave sites, at a cute little church

14. the Hampton Inn
15. fluffy white beds
16. Lusco's
17. our own personal dining room
18. more wine
19. lots of steak, lots of baked potatoes
20. dessert

21. pajamas and a few more M&M's
22. the last episode of mash
23. earplugs
24. Shoney's breakfast bar
25. the Yazoo River
26. Square Books in Oxford, MS
27. Rowan Oaks
28. our own comfy beds

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