Sunday, February 4, 2007

Art 2006: Part 1

I realize that February is a little late for year-end wrap-ups, but so much other list-worthy stuff happened in January that I didn't have time for this list, which is a list of most of the art that I saw last year.

1. The Red Show, Perry Nicole Fine Art. This one was good because I was in it - ha! I kid, I kid. It was good because a lot of artists were in it, all of us with some element of red in our artwork. Mine, of course, were shoes.

2. Susan Maakestad Lecture and Exhibit, Rhodes College. Susan is an awesome painter, and fun to listen to. Here are some of my notes from her lecture:

3. Sedrick E. Huckaby in Frequency, The Studio Museum of Harlem, New York. I am singling out one artist from this show - Sedrick Huckaby - because if I could have crawled into his painting, A Love Supreme (Summer), and lived there forever, I would have done it. It was a perfect blend of abstract and detailed areas making up one huge realistic image of quilts hanging on a clothes line.

(This is a photo of kids sitting in front of the painting at the show. I borrowed the photo from here.)

4. Frick Collection, New York. This was the first time I had been there, and I found the staff very unpleasant. They had some nice Goyas and Rembrandts.

5. Museum of Modern Art, New York. This was the second time I had been to MOMA since it had been remodeled, and I went with T, so I didn't quite get to explore it like I like to. But we saw some nice pieces:
Wilhelm Lehmbruck's Standing Youth
Daniel F. Cudzik's Beverage Can with Non-Removable Pull-Tab Opener ("Stay-On Tab") - that was just a Coke can in the design section, but I thought the title was funny.
Vija Celmins lithograph Ocean Study. They had redone the contemporary galleries since the last time I had been there, with an apparent focus on THE UGLIEST STUFF THEY COULD FIND IN THEIR COLLECTION. Except for this quiet little jewel that I noticed the last time I was there.

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