Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lessons from the Flood

What I have learned after finding our office flooded last Monday, due to a fire in the office above ours...

1. The combination of wet carpet, walls, ceiling, furniture and paper smells TERRIBLE.
2. Backing up your data regularly really does give you peace of mind.
3. I find it difficult to work without paper clips nearby, and to a lesser degree, manila file folders.
4. I love having my own office, though temporary.
5. I love this view:


RJA said...

I can see my house from here!

No Sluggo Dave said...

Oh my!

Melvis said...

I love having my own office too!
we have to remember this when we move (again)- it is much more productive!

Gina said...

are you in that building at Second and Madison with the beautiful rounded butted-out (?? - I'm no architect) windows

Elizabeth Alley said...

i am in that building! just no longer in the bottom floor.
and i think "rounded butted-out windows" is a technical term! ;)