Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Art/Artists in the Media Last Week

1. New public art blog

2. Memphis Flyer's "Hotties Issue" - featured adorable local artist David Mah.

3. Borrowing Artbutcher's "There is Art in There Somewhere," also featured in the Hotties Issue was "Señor Dreamy" from Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana (1215 S Germantown Rd and worth the drive for the food if not for Señor Dreamy)

4. On the show "30 Rock" Isabella Rossellini mentioned paintings by Otto Dix. I just love it when artists are randomly mentioned in popular culture - it is like validation for all artists - like in high school when you realize that a popular person knows your name. Also, recently on "Gilmore Girls" the artist Kiki Smith was not only mentioned, but one of the characters received a Kiki Smith print as a gift. The print now has a recurring if only-noticed-by-me-in-the-background role in the show.

5. Fantastic interview of local artist, and one of my former teachers, Richard Knowles. Read the interview by Fredric Koeppel here while you can.

6. Friday night on "Best Week Ever," one of my two favorite shows, they mentioned an artist named Keith Urban who was being sued by singer Keith Urban for using keithurban.com. Not the most interesting mention of an artist in the media, but hey it's something.

7. On my other favorite show, "CBS Sunday Morning," they did a great interview with one of my favorite artists, the acclaimed and masterly painter Alex Katz. See more on the interview here.


dwayne said...

amoung the growing list of things I will never be, adorable local artist, is probably number one now.

Gina said...

The woman in this Alex Katz painting has always reminded me of Natalie Merchant.