Thursday, June 19, 2008

What We Did - Part 2

Oklahoma, and so y'all can stop looking at that clown...
1. Oklahoma has signs on the interstate before exits to small towns that say "See (name of small town)," and lists the reasons why. The first one is for Sallisaw, OK, and we fell for it. This is what we saw in Sallisaw:
a beauty shop called "Elaine's"

and The Indian Store, where we bought souvenirs and postcards.

Note the sombrero-wearing parrot on the sign!

2. Robertson's Ham Sandwiches, which SITS ON A THRONE OF LIES. Imagine spending your day on the road and seeing a sign for ham sandwiches. Wouldn't you want one? Wouldn't you pull off the highway? Don't bother, they'll be closed!

3. Sign at the gas station next to Robertson's, where we ended up with a non-ham-sandwich snack.


RJA said...

All I asked was for you to pick me up an Indian, which you didn't. And it turns out you were even right there at The Indian Store.

Randi said...

The sign looks like it says "Homs" anyway. Maybe if you'd wanted hom, they would've been open.

Jeff A said...

I have been to OK many times. I've never seen a pig. I think I've identified the problem.