Monday, June 30, 2008

What We Did - Part 5

I am really dragging this thing out.

1. Here we are in Denver, where we spent a few days. We took the train downtown - this is the interstate from the pedestrian overpass to the light rail station.

2. Downtown we saw the state capitol.

3. We went to the awesome Denver Art Museum, with this awful expansion by Daniel Libeskind. The crazy walls exacerbated the dizziness we felt from the altitude. But the artwork was great when it wasn't spinning!

4. Claus Oldenburg at the Denver Museum

5. We went to a fancy mall and did some shopping - it had this great breakfast-food-themed play area. (Christa - I thought of you when I saw the slides!)

6. Went to a great bookstore called the Tattered Cover.
7. Ate at a place called Gunther Toody's. Tee hee.
8. Went to the Denver Zoo.
9. Ate at a place called Pete's Greek World - had the best lamb sandwich ever!!!
10. Saw the Rockies vs. Brewers - an exciting game that the Rockies won 6-4. If you look in the upper right of this picture, you will see the actual Rockies.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the bacon slides!