Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What We Did - Part 3

We are still only on day one of our trip! Sorry for the delay - I was in Philadelphia writing more lists.

1. Thought about Barbara Kingsolver - I think the book The Bean Trees - while driving through Oklahoma, which is green and hilly, with long views.

2. Got to Oklahoma City and saw the Oklahoma City National Memorial

3. Saw this beautiful house

4. Ate at a restaurant, in Oklahoma City, called the Santa Fe Steakhouse, which served Texas specialties.

5. Went to the awesome National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum - one of my favorite parts of the trip! (Thanks, Eric!)

6. Saw a crazy cactus-like plant

7. Went to the Cherokee Trading Post and Restaurant for cowboy hats and Indian tacos!


Lonely Paul said...


Melvis said...

EA, what are Indian tacos like?
They sound delicious.

Also, who is lonely paul?

Elizabeth Alley said...

Indian tacos are regular taco fixings on fry bread instead of in a tortilla. Delicious!

Not sure about your second question.

thatericguy said...

Glad you enjoyed that museum. Wish I could take credit for it. The western themed museum I was referring to is the Gilcrease which is actually in Tulsa. http://www.gilcrease.org/. When Toby and I talked about it, he wasn't sure if you guys would make it to Tulsa or not, so I suggested the Gilcrease just in case. Toby's brains were probably scrambled by staring at that scary clown. He may never be the same.