Monday, September 15, 2008

Bad/Good: Things I Wore in the 90's

1. oversized denim shirt with black leggings (you know you wore this, too)
2. potato-sack-like dresses
3. overall shorts
4. plaid flannel shirts
5. more plaid flannel shirts
6. brown velvet overalls
7. giant black Mary Janes with white socks
8. crocheted vests (plural!)
9. oversized sweaters
10. hats

1. Levi's 501's
2. black turtlenecks
3. Chuck Taylors
4. T's dad's army jacket
5. hats


Stephanie said...

I just can't consider giant black Mary Janes with white socks "bad." That's the trend from the 90s that I miss most!

But yeah, what was going on with all the overalls? With a plaid flannel shirt OVER them? We had no shape in the 90s.

Mrs. Katherine said...

I still wear one of your shirts from the 90s! It's a mock turtleneck. Luckily it's not the long, black mock turtleneck with the giant buttons down the back, but that was nice too.

I am just so thankful that there were no cell phone cameras, blogs and facebook in the 90s when I wore my platform silver boots...with shorts.

Elizabeth Alley said...

Stephanie - you are right about the lack of shape, but what really sucks about that is that we probably did have a shape under all of that flannel and didn't appreciate it yet!

And Katherine - that mock turtleneck of mine that you still wear was from the EIGHTIES.

Sassy Molassy said...

The denim shirt/black leggings combo was so maternity-friendly though!

Mrs. Katherine said...

The EIGHTIES??? That's vintage!

Melba said...

This got me laughing, thanks! As an 80's kid, I could add much more to the bad list than to the good! :)


Randi said...

I was just thinking about crocheted vests the other day. I believe either my freshman or sophomore high school yearbook picture featured me in a white shirt with a black crocheted vest. Why were those things ever popular?

If I ever encounter a time machine, I'm going back to 1994 to punch myself for thinking I was fat and wearing baggy clothes all of the time.

Stephanie said...

I'm starting to wish this had been a list of photographs.