Saturday, September 19, 2009

Guestlist: Southern-Sounding

Words and phrases that accidentally sound really southern when I say them, by Stephanie Chockleyblog

1. Friday Night Lights
2. Saturday Night Live
3. Tiffany and I
4. I don't know
5. Grocery store


Elizabeth Alley said...

My most Southern-sounding word is "five", and then of course there's the phrase, "Bless his/her heart."

Mel Spillman artwork said...

mine is "window-sill"
which comes out sounding like "windaseel"

or even worse is my use of "you want some?"
sounding like "ya-ont sum?"

Stephanie said...

I probably could have put "you want some?" on this list, now that you mention it.

dwayne said...

mine is everything i say

i need a list of the things that sound yankee coming from my mouth

melissa dunn said...

The intensity of my southern accent depends on how many cocktails I've had.