Monday, September 28, 2009

Other Blogs

I've been reading other blogs more than posting on this one lately, so I thought I'd make a list out of it.

1. Go Fug Yourself. A blog, not a command. My friend Mary Cashiola who has her own fabulous fashion blog clued me into this fabulous fashion find. Go Fug Yourself really makes one realize that either celebrities are not at all bright, or stylists are having a big laugh on a lot of people.

2. Fine Little Day. Another one of my Swedish blogs, though I'm not as obsessed with them as I was last year. That is probably due to the fact that I'm jealous that these lucky ladies seem to have lives that are all about constant creativity, interrupted only by coffee breaks, long walks and entertaining friends.

3. Harper! How cute is this little niece? Very.

4. Urban Sketchers. Love the Urban Sketchers, they are my people.

5. Design*Sponge Sneak Peaks. I love Design*Sponge anyway, but I especially love the Sneak Peaks because I looo-ooo-ooooove looking in other peoples' houses. Probably why I can't get enough of House Hunters & House Hunters International.

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