Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thoughts on 'Julie &Julia'

  1. Could they not have just cut Amy Adams's hair? Hollywood wig technology is not far enough along to rely on a wig through a whole movie.
  2. I'm impressed that Meryl Streep acted herself tall.
  3. Does a blog really have to be about something? Um, don't answer that.
  4. The way the movie handles the fact that Julia Child has no children almost offends me. It was not really an issue in her book (My Life in France). It is as though, because this is a mainstream Hollywood movie, they HAD to address the fact that a 37-year-old woman doesn't have children. Because apparently that's not normal.
  5. I promise I don't spend that much time talking about how many people do or don't read my blog. I know you're both out there.
  6. They should've either made Julie Powell more lovable or gotten someone else to play her. It felt like it was a struggle for Amy Adams to play someone not lovable.
  7. They should've just made a movie of My Life in France.

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