Monday, January 15, 2007

Things That Would Have Made Painting the Bathroom Easier

1. If I had not tried to tackle the walls and the woodwork in one weekend.
2. If I had not picked bright white for the woodwork, and super-dark brown (espresso) for the walls, which made me have to go back and fix obvious mistakes. (It is an amazing color combination, though - looks great!)
3. If my shoulder that I broke last year worked properly, like without hurting when I use it a lot.
4. If during the last 87 years one of the previous owners of this house had not painted the woodwork in the bathroom booger yellow.
5. If, instead of being a perfectionist, I was a I-guess-that-will-do-ist.

1 comment:

cgeorge1 said...

You just said "booger". hehe