Friday, January 26, 2007

Things That Are Missed in Midtown Memphis

This list can probably be added onto continually forever, but these are just a few (or 22) things that I have thought of that used to be in Midtown but are no longer. I didn't frequent all of these places myself but know others who did, plus there are probably a ton of things I left off. And these only date as far back as 1990. They are in no particular order, except for #1, which is really #1.

1. The Antenna Club: Where I watched The Wayback Machine and Judge Crater, and realized I was just about to fall in love with the man who would become my husband.
2. River City Doughnuts: Diagonal to the Antenna on Madison Ave., it was a good place for a pre-show snack, or for lunch!
3. Lam Hung: A few doors down from River City Doughnuts in that little strip mall. It was the first place I ever ate Chinese food and liked it, and it just had a weird Midtown vibe.
4. Decadence Manor: Closer to Belvedere on Madison - are you noticing a theme here? Cool place. Cool owner.
5. Babylon Cafe: I didn't go here much because you couldn't smoke inside and in 1990 I was all about smoking.
6. Red Square: I don't remember if I ever went there, but I know the rest of you did, though you may not remember it!
7. Recovery Road: Where under-aged kids could see The Wayback Machine.
8. Salvation Army at Crosstown.
9. The Occasion Shop: I know Click(Daily) and a lot of other Midtowners got their wedding rings there.
10. Giovanni's: Keeping with the wedding theme - LOTS of people got engaged there. It was a good restaurant - good food, good atmosphere. It's a shame the owners moved from the Cleveland location to Park before closing for good.
11. That Italian Place on Poplar: I can't remember the name of it, but it was just west of Belvedere kind of where the Taco Bell is now - there has always been one there (at least since 1990) but at some point they tore down the old one and built a new one, but anyway - the Italian place had good chicken cacciatore, and bands played there sometimes because apparently if you serve food in Midtown you also have to let bands play there.
12. Squash Blossom.
13. Cancun Mexican Restaurant: When it was on Cooper across from where Bari is now - the building burned down a few years ago. It was big and loud and cheap.
14. Mega Market: Okay no one really misses Mega Market, but when I needed it most they had the largest quantity of ramen noodles for a dollar.
15. Romeo's Pizza: My brother introduced me to Romeo's - he actually bought me some dinners there when I had no food!
16. Silky Sullivan's patio: Another place to see The Wayback Machine. They were on the western edge of Overton Square. What is there now? A parking lot? They had a small Statue of Liberty that got stolen. I still sometimes wonder where that went.
17. Melos Taverna: I miss the restaurant, the food, and the tiny, grumpy but very cute old man who ran it.
18. TGI Fridays: I can't help it - I got a little nostalgic after reading this review on Dining with Monkeys.
19. Robert E. Lee Antique Mall: When it was the Robert E. Lee, not when it was Kate's - it was much better then.
20. The Cupboard: Yeah yeah I know they just moved down the street to where the old Shoney's was that I worked at for one night, but we all know that the food and atmosphere were better at the old place next to the Kimbrough.
21. Anderton's: A more recent loss, but felt strongly nonetheless.
22. The graffiti wall on Madison: I am very anti-graffiti, and maybe I will list those reasons for you one day, but this wall on Madison was an exception. The wall is still there - just east of the P&H next to (what was?) the BellSouth building (I think?). For a long time it had a giant "MEAT IS MURDER" painted on it (ah, the 90's), until someone painted over it so that it said "MEAT IS YUMMY".


RJA said...

23. Ruby Begonia's Pet Emporium
24. Tippi

Elizabeth Alley said...

You know what I forgot?
25. The Library: Sure we have the nice new central library on Poplar, but it sure was nice to be able to walk to the old one on McLean and Peabody!

Chris said...

I met Chris at Cancun on the patio, back in August, 1992. A margarita monday that changed my life for the better!

Christa said...

That last comment was me-I didn't realize I was signed in as my hubby!

Jim said...

I am the most un-nostalgic person I know. But, I swear, you brought a tear to my eye. Thanks. It's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

the italian place was called 'Perotti's' - i think. i'll have to ask chris who used to deliver pie for them, until some guys mugged him for pizza and $ on court st.

Stacey Greenberg said...

i loved pierotti's. the owner actually re-opened in gtown near the original el porton, but it burned down. i was in the peace corps at the time and i remember my dad telling me on the phone that burnt pizzas lined the street.

the old silky's is all parking lot now.

Elizabeth Alley said...

26. Ed's Camera: Though I did really want to organize the store every time I went in there.

RJA said...

anonymous said...

27. J Wags.

(Damn! Did I sign in?)

another elizabeth said...

Love the list. I'll add

28. Puss N Boots. Betsey Johnson and bondage gear in a one stop shop. Who knew? Owners John and Linda were also great people...

Stacey Greenberg said...

when you start your "things that are NOT missed" list, don't forget the X and arrow signs on union avenue.

Anonymous said...

Red Square!!!
Best club I ever went to.

Anonymous said...

I really dug Buddy from Decadence Manor. What a super cool guy. Went to a few cool parties at his house with my um, friend, who I recall was named Joshua David Sebastian McLean Levinson. Anyone who knows what become of Buddy or Joshua, or John and Linda, or any of that gang, I am curious, I would love to know! Find me at Facebook. Look me up at LioraP2. And tell them hi from Lourie Collins. This was circa 1986-1987-1988.