Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Travel 2006

Places I Went
1. January – New York City – T had bizness, I looked at art, we froze our butts off and ice skated.
2. February – South Florida – I had bizness, stayed with my sister, drove back and forth from Ft. Lauderdale to West Palm Beach, and to Naples to see the folks.
3. April – Chicago – With the girls!
4. April – Las Vegas – T had more bizness.
5. May – New York City – More biz! More art! More food!
6. June – Calgary, Canada – Yes more biz. Lots of overly friendly Canadians. More art. The zoo. A couple of movies.
7. July – Statesboro, GA – My grandmother’s 75th birthday with the whole family.
8. October – San Francisco – T ran a marathon.
9. November – Greensboro, GA – Thanksgiving with the family.

Places I Went with my Arm in a Sling

1. Chicago – Where I was alternately insisting on being self-sufficient, and getting irritated when no one would automatically help me do stuff.
2. Las Vegas – Where my story about what happened to my arm was that I got into a fight with a slot machine.
3. New York – Where I was not cut any slack for having one arm in a sling. Still had to get out of everyone’s way fast!

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