Tuesday, January 9, 2007

What We Talked About at Bookclub Last Night

1. The book
2. Africa
3. Leslie and her new baby, Colin
4. Birth order
5. Immunities
6. World travelers
7. Makeup, and missing Terron
8. Inappropriate doctors
9. Ethiopian healing scrolls
10. Art
11. Shirt tragedies
12. Exercise
13. Cow's milk vs. soy milk
14. Married life
15. Injera


aunt katherine said...

what was the libretto's take on cow's milk vs. soy milk?

Elizabeth Alley said...

We did not reach a consensus. My take? Cow's milk = yummy. Also I can't figure out how anyone can milk a soy.

The Saucier said...

Inappropriate Doctors and Shirt Tragedies would both be excellent band names.

aunt katherine said...

i can handle soy milk in my cereal, but i like a nice glass of cow milk with my dinner. what is a soy anyway?

Elizabeth Alley said...

I think it's like a goat.

aunt katherine said...

elizabeth, a soy is not an animal. if it were, vegans would not be able to drink it's milk. i picture it more like a black-eyed pea (without the violence).

dwayne said...

can you bbq a soy?